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  • Why use MCM Staffing?

    Because we don’t look for a good resume, we look for a good candidate. We can modify our hiring process to meet your internal requirements – usually with no additional cost.

  • What about Healthcare?

    All of our associates are offered healthcare plans. MCM provides staffing services in Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, DC, and Florida. All employees are offered a medical plan that includes prescription benefits and is compliant with the Affordable Care Act.

  • How does MCM Staffing differ than other staffing companies?

    We make sure to understand our customers. Why is this position open? What caused the opening? What does the company do? What type of employee’s find the most success at this company? Where will their talent be lacking in 5 years? 10 years? Can this person fill those shoes? Then MCM Staffing builds a targeted recruiting plan for each one of our customers. There’s a reason we’ve been selected by multiple customers to provide a managed service on a go forward basis or project basis – we’ve helped reduce turnover by finding the right talent.

  • Where does MCM Staffing get their candidates?

    Our large network has been grown and continues to grow because of the high level of service we provide both our candidates and our customers.

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