Customer Service:

MCM Staffing has a varied and specialized pool of customer service representatives. We understand how different skills, personalities, script reading styles and previous experience vary from industry to industry. Therefore, our pre-employment testing for our customer service representatives is highly customized to match the specific skillset required.

Past Performance

  • Hired 30 associates a week for a call center that was revamping its HR department.
  • Hired three associates for a customer’s receptionist position over the last four years. The position became open again over the course of four years because each of our associates was promoted to another position within the organization.

MCM Placements

Customer Service

  • CSR
  • Click to Chat
  • Collections Agents
  • Front Desk
  • Inside Sales
  • Warranty Reps
  • Auto Parts Call Centers
  • Customer and Supplier Reps
  • Account Managers
  • Shift Supervisors


We Strive to Find the Perfect Match

With our easy online application and a designated recruiter to help you through the process, you can trust that MCM Staffing will do everything possible to find you the right position.

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