Welcome MCM Staffing employees!

If you have questions regarding payroll, on-boarding paperwork or benefits, please contact us at 248-436-8105. You can also email us at info@mcmstaffing.com.

We appreciate and welcome all feedback. At MCM, your happiness is important to us. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.

Employee Sign-in

Click the “Sign-In” button below to login to the MCM Staffing Employee Portal.


Navigating to your electronic Form W-2

If you have elected to receive your W-2 electronically, you can access it on your online account with MCM. Once you’re logged in, click on Pay History and then W-2.


Verification of Employment

Refinancing your mortgage? Renting an apartment? Buying a car?

MCM Staffing uses The Work Number® to provide automated employment and income verifications on our employees. The Work Number is a fast and secure way to provide proof of your employment or income—a necessary step in many of today’s life events involving credit, financing, or securing of benefits or services.

The below card can be cut out and kept in your wallet for quick reference. If asked by a lender or public assistance agency to provide proof of your employment or income, simply direct them to The Work Number:

The Work Number

Phone Employees Apply